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Provide pragmatic solutions to novel scientific and business problems by selecting and extending current best practices in software engineering and algorithmic design.

Summary: Hands-on software architecture. Proven ability to enter new problem domains and successfully develop software systems that address current needs, yet pave the way for future developments. 

In addition to systems, we focus  on building teams, processes and culture primarily for scientific/engineering applications where the problems are novel and difficult.

Core technologies: Database backed systems providing browser/service based interaction primarily using J2EE server applications working in conjunction with off the shelf applications as components.

Papers and Presentations: Page with links to selected papers and presentations

Selected Architecture Blog Posts:Enterprise, Platform, and Software architecture

Selected Data Integration Blog Posts: Semantic and other techniques for data integration

Middle Distance Ontologies: Determine the appropriate level of detail for your domain analysis.

Blog: rdfsg.blogspot.com

For more information email: rdf(at)rdfsg.com