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Selected Architecture Blog Posts

Enterprise Architecture

 The old adage is that you always have an enterprise architecture even if you never designed one

This is all well and good, but given an ongoing enterprise, what’s the best way to determine what enterprise architecture you have, where you want it to go and most importantly, how to get there
TOGAF and Evaluating Architectures
 Using Archimate  Discussing Enterprise Architecture

Flavors of Architects and Analysts

A discussion on the difference between architects and business analysts
 Flavors of Architects and Analysts
Platform Architecture
How does one create a “reasonable” platform architecture
Part 1: Aspects of a platform architecture
Aspects of a platform architecture
Part 2: Platform evolution
Platform evolution
Open Source as an Architectural Driver
Phillip Longman’s post about open source products in healthcare (specifically, the VA’s “health IT system”) talks about how the Midland Memorial Hospital’s installation of the VA system went well because it was easy to use, and it was easy to use because it was open source.
Open Source as an Architectural Driver
Software Architecture
How to make discovery informatics tools significantly more flexible and extensible

Part 1: What is special about drug discovery?
Flexible Drug Discovery
Part 2: What can drug discovery informatics share with Web 2.0 projects?
Drug Discovery & Web 2.0
Modularity & Hygiene: the issues of hygiene in coding libraries
The pernicious errors that can be introduced by either mixing different libraries or not using them exactly as designed.
Modularity & Hygiene I
Modularity & Hygiene II:
The environment expected by a module when it is activated
Modularity & Hygiene II
Temporal data: what did we know when?
Temporal Data
Structuring Database Tables:
Wide vs narrow table structure
Database Table Structure