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Semantic Techniques

  Data Integration and Ontologies

Type 1. Document level -- the user can determine what documents might have information of interest Type 2. Term level -- the user can build reports using items from multiple documents/systems e.g., each cell in a spreadsheet can come from different systems. Type 3. Inference level -- terms from one or more documents/systems can be combined to derive information (new terms) in the system being examined.
Data Integration and Ontologies

RDF vs Ontologies

 RDF vs Ontologies

Using Semantic Tools with real data

 Using Semantic Tools with real data

Conflating taxonomies with ontologies -- what's the difference?

 Conflating taxonomies with ontologies

Semantic Interoperability: the adverse events model

 Semantic Interoperability with adverse events

Semantic Interoperability: from Mashups to Inference

 Mashup Semantic Interoperability

owl:sameAs is a very strong assertion

Do you really mean it? What are the implications?

Linked data allows one to avoid the issues with owl:sameas

 Linked Data Linked Data
General Data Integration Techniques
Giving data unique names
Why it is such a good idea
Uniquely Named Data